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Bize Ulaşın

We Are

A community-oriented digital design ecosystem that curates and connects talented creatives with impactful projects, fostering workforce participation in an impact-driven environment.

Our Services

Visual Communication


       2D Visuals & Motion Graphics 

3D Animation 

UX/UI Design 

  Visual Identity Creation

Learning & Community


Facilitation Learning

Program Design

Community Design

Architectural & Urban


 Tactical Urbanism 

Architectural Concept Design

Architectural Visualization

Core Team

Alper Can Aydın

Business Strategy Curator

Atalay Akpınar

Co Founder & Team Director

Efe Ertuğrul

Finance & Operations Coordinator

Işıl Öztürk

Community Programs & Events Coordinator

Melih Taha Nargül

Business Strategy Coordinator

Melike Şengül

Community Experience Coordinator

Naz Cafcav

Global Strategy Coordinator

Serra Utkum İkiz

Community Curator

Tahir Can Yarımoğlu

Co Founder & Studio Director

Umut Müezzinoğlu

Partner & Creative Director

Ülker Zeynep Çolak

Community Programs & Events Coordinator