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Tahir Can Yarımoğlu

EKA Creative Studio / Tahir Can Yarımoğlu

Tahir Can Yarımoğlu is a designer who, along with his team at EKA Creative Studio, of which he is a founder, has been focusing on making an impact in design since 2019. In the role of director within the team, he aims to make the creative ideas of young individuals and communities visible through a collective and decentralized working culture. He adopts an approach that places the human aspect at the center of his work, particularly focusing on the urban and community context. Additionally, he continues his work as an entrepreneur with a smart city application named Point. A graduate of Kocaeli Fen Lisesi, Tahir Can Yarımoğlu pursued his undergraduate education in the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ). He is also engaged in content creation and editing as a co-founder of Archeetect, an architecture and art sharing platform. Furthermore, he has published three different academic articles, blog posts, and content in various magazines. He has achieved various awards from competitions related to the architecture and design ecosystem, including: Design the Loop Competition (2022) – First Prize SteelPro Steel Structure Design Competition (2020) – Equivalent First Prize S.O.S. Istanbul Project Competition (2019) – Jury Special Award Especially during disaster periods and afterward, he has been a part of the board of directors of the Design Needs Network, a platform that brings together social institutions in need of design and designers. Over the past four years, he has participated as a moderator, speaker, and facilitator in more than