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Bize Ulaşın

Umut Müezzinoğlu

EKA Creative Studio / Umut Müezzinoğlu

Umut is a 3D Artist and Architecture based in Istanbul. After living in Belgium for 2 years and completing his Master’s Thesis on Regenerative Future and Sustainable Architecture, he moved to Turkey and took steps to blend his research with the 3d animation adventure that he was passionate about.
During his time working as a designer at Piknic Works, he was more interested in the unique digital environment in which that design was imagined, rather than the creative dimension of architectural design. With the awareness of being an absolute creator in these worlds of reflection, he found himself in the cinematographic part of the 3d animation world.
As a curator of EKA Creative Studio, he provides product advertisement, architectural animation, and visual services to various brands by learning and resentment of constantly developing digital tools. He also prepares Spotify Canvases for various sound artists and DJs as a freelancer.